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Product name: EVOGENE 10iu New Edition!
Substance: Human growth hormone (rHGH)
Manufacturer: Alley (Holland)

HGH naturally occurs in the body as somatropin that consists of a 191 amino acid chain.
HGH provides young people with growth of bones, muscles and other tissues.

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Evogene Alley 3.33mg (10IU) naturally occurs in the body as somatropin that consists of a 191 amino acid chain.
HGH provides young people with growth of bones, muscles and other tissues.
When we are adults, HGH is more concerned with maintaining muscles, caring for one
strong immune system, metabolism regulation and maintains and restores the skin and other tissues.

Our own natural production is highest during puberty (especially during the growth spurt)
The decline in natural production is starting to have an above-average effect by the time we are
60 we make about 10% in relation to the production during our youth.

The consequences of this

More fat increase
Worse skin structure
Depression and fatigue.
Reduced sexual performance.
Muscle breakdown and weaker bones (osteoporosis)
Decline in general physical and mental condition
Reducing recovery during rest periods (sleep)
Reduced brain function, loss of intellect with aging.
For bodybuilders, HGH and IGF-1 are the only substance that can trigger hyperplasia, ie the creation of new muscle cells.
While steroids can cause steroids hypertrophy (ie the growth of those cells).
HGH also improves protein synthesis, which in turn supports hypertrophy.
Furthermore, HGH strengthens connective tissues, cartilage and tendons.

How is HGH released in the body

HGH is secreted into the body by pituitary-front lobe.
The release is regulated in the brain by two substances: growth hormone releasing factor and somatostatin.
They enter the pituitary gland through special blood vessels.

Growth hormone releasing factor has the function of stimulating the release, while somatostatin inhibits delivery.
Growth hormones are not produced evenly but in short periods.
The production of growth hormones takes place during exercise (stress) and about two hours after falling asleep.
During the first hours of sleep (deep sleep stages), Somatostatin is turned off and GHRF is turned on, resulting in HGH outbreaks.
As soon as Evogene Alley 3.33mg (10IU) is released, it is very short-lived, usually about half an hour.
During this half hour, it goes to the liver which will produce IGF-1 as a result.

How does HGH do its work

As mentioned above, HGH is short-lived, but the effect is still quite large, directly or indirectly.
One of the direct consequences of HGH is that it binds to a number of receptors.
In particular, the receptors in fat cells are addressed and stimulated to repel / give fat.
If there is enough stress on the muscle cells by training, hyperplasia can develop (cell division)

HGH indirectly ensures the production of IGF-1 in the liver.
IGF-1 in turn provides recovery and strengthening of cartilage cells that the
stimulate bone growth and the creation of new muscle cells.
IGF-1 also mainly provides protein synthesis in the muscles (recovery)

Furthermore, it also has less positive consequences, the most important are the
reduced insulin sensitivity and decrease in thyroid function (conversion of T-4 to T-3)
This is the reason why people who use HGH take T-4 or T-3 for this
to compensate and that users of HGH who also work with insulin do not like these 2 substances
at the same time (only the time I mean by this)

How do I increase my levels of Evogene Alley 3.33mg (10IU)

There are a number of methods to naturally stimulate HGH production, especially
L-arginine and glutamine stimulate our natural production.
However, this will not be enough to actually notice anything.
So only one thing remains: injecting HGH.

HGH needs the time to do its job (at least 4 months or longer)
The reason for this is that the production of IGF-1 in the liver by HGH is cumulative in nature.
So the longer use the higher the IGF-1 levels (there is a maximum).
The improved use of the nutrients and the mobilization of fat will soon be noticeable,
but the actual visible changes of the muscles only occur after 3 months.

For anti-aging, general health & fat mobilization
For these purposes, a dose of 2-3 iu’s per day will suffice for the majority.

To achieve muscle growth and to significantly improve body composition
For this purpose a dose of 4-8 iu’s per day will be necessary.
Most people will go very well at a dose of 4-5 iu’s per day.

Most people experience, especially at the first time HGH use pain in the joints, it
altitude is usually around 3-4 weeks of use.
Then it will pull away. therefore, you should use the dosage at the first time using HGH
to build up and start with a dose of 2 i.u.

At doses higher than 4 i.u. per day, dividing the dosage has a beneficial effect because,
your body is not used to dealing with higher doses.

We will briefly indicate what you would expect in a young body.
All examples have been clinically proven to be improved by a higher level of HGH:

Reduced body fat
Increased muscle mass
Wrinkle reduction (increased skin thickness)
Her repair
Increases sexual functioning
Higher energy level
Lower cholesterol
Better mood & sleep
Better memory, visibility and immunity
Normalization of blood pressure
All these things are largely regulated by growth hormones and have medical research
demonstrated that increasing the HGH level by injection therapy is effective.
We will now explain each of these benefits in detail:

Reduced body fat

One of the most visible benefits that Evogene Alley 3.33mg (10IU) stimulators offer is reducing body fat.
One of the medical studies showed that the injection of HGH over a period of 6 months
body fat can be reduced by 14.4% in older men.

But there is more one of the places where the most effect was achieved was the belly (pools),
where up to 30% of body fat reduction was observed.
And that use HGH after only two months.

The theory is that the hormone tells the body what to do with the extra fat.
It is a fact that HGH supplements have more effect than following a diet,
because a diet changes the hormonal messaging system.

Muscle mass

A researcher named Rudman concluded that a group of older test persons, men of over
60 who used HGH supplements, a larger muscle mass even without doing muscle exercises.
Other studies have also confirmed this effect.
A survey conducted by Franco Salomon from London found that after 6 months
daily injections to a muscle mass can increase 10%.

Wrinkle reduction

Rudman’s study showed even more results in the field of skin improvement.
His research showed a skin thickness improvement of 7.1%. This shows how effective HGH therapy is.
Wrinkle reduction by HGH is caused by the fact that HGH provides a higher production of collagen and elastin.

Better memory, visibility and immunity

There is evidence that Evogene Alley 3.33mg (10IU) improves brain function and memory.
This is not surprising, because these are the things that we always see reduced in older people.
A study in New Zealand showed that by injecting HGH the improved metabolism caused some recovery of damaged neurons in the brain. other studies have also come to this conclusion.
Side effects:

Hypoglycaemia due to decreased insulin levels
Abnormal bone growth, which is not caused by the Evogene Alley 3.33mg (10IU), but is promoted if you have a predisposition to it
A growth hormone belly as you see the nice big bellies with the pros
The Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

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