PACKAGING: Box of 10 vials (10 IU/vial)
POPULARLY KNOWN: HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
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HGH (Somatropin) is a hormone that is naturally produced by the human body. This hormone helps the human body to grow by aiding cell growth and regeneration.

Somatropin, artificially produced HGH is often used as an injectable to increase performance in athletes and also to accelerate healing of the human body.

Lifetech Labs BIOTROPIN FITNESS is a specially designed HGH for well balanced growth and metabolism

Use 1ml of Sterile/Bacteriostatic/Saline water for the reconstitution
Do not mix the powder and water at once. Slowly drip the water along the walls of the vial.
Do not shake the vial.
Place the vial in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and the GH is ready for injection
Dose the GH into the fatty layer beneath the skin
1 Box of 10 Vials (10 IU/Vial)


Helps in regeneration and reproduction of cells in the human body
Recovery from injuries
Taken along with Steroids, Biotropin Fitness helps in elevating it’s effects

1 dose of 3.3 IU per day before breakfast

Store refrigerated at low temperatures between 2 degrees to 8 degrees

9 reviews for Buy BIOTROPIN FITNESS (HGH) Online

  1. Mike Gatlin

    After seeing my kid diagnosed with chronic growth deficiency, I was worried till the Dr told me not to worry. This medication has been a revelation to my kid and I and i can attest to that. You wont regret taking it. thumbs up

  2. Thomas H.

    Couple with some exercise about 3 times a week, this medication has been working really well for me I must confess.

  3. Leonel

    To be diagnosed of something as challenges as growth issues is always disturbing. To find something or a medication that can take you outta that state is always refreshing. coupled with improving your growth, BIOTROPIN FITNESS keeps your body active, fit and in good shape. More to I took some routine exercises added to the medication. I really can’t explain how alive I feel right now.
    thank you online cancer pharm

  4. Harrison H.

    I was skeptical at first about taking this product, but after 30 days I have to say I’m amazed at the results! I’ve definitely seen a decrease in fat that was near impossible to get rid of and have become much more cut and my fitness is at it’s top. I feel fine, I sleep fine, and just feel younger again.

  5. Lucila

    My medication was so helpful to my 9 years old little man who is interested in athletics.

  6. Happy

    I had to read reviews before taking this medication because i was somewhat skeptical. however, the development in my body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth has been massive. I won’t hesitate in taking growth hormones again.

  7. Samuel J

    This is a good medication for athletes, highly recommended. just contact this site for good products and efficiency delivery.

  8. Dickson

    just a month into this medication and I more alive than ever before. I am happy.

  9. Sammy G

    I am an athlete and I must commend this medication. 3 months now since i started taking this meds, I have witness a great deal improvement in my overal health, my energy levels have gone up as i exercise a couple of times a week as well as my metabolism is better. I have already told a couple of friends about it and i vouche for it. stay safe.

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